e5d7d502a383f14e8412abeb6fc3405eYour Friend in Hawaii provides unique vacation planning that is “The road less traveled” approach for the whole family. Jeudi has constructed a detailed design for your dream vacation and can help you find many things to do in Kona.

Jeudi will assist you in filling out forms that outline your basic day-to-day vacation plan. She will be available to help discuss activities that all members of your group or family can engage in equally. She will also list individual events each person can take part in, from snorkeling or diving, to a pleasant afternoon sitting in the shade on a sandy beach. Focus is given to the amount of time you plan on spending on each activity and what is to be expected. Finally, Jeudi will consult with you to help make sure your group is equipped with the necessary tools to enjoy your planned excursions. From maps to mopeds, from wheelchairs to wings, or to simply suggest where to gather supplies for hiking trips.

Please check back often as we continue to update our site and vacation activities. Our company will personally check out all activities before recommending them to you. We focus on unique and unusual events that are not readily suggested or available in magazines unless they’re the best of their kind. We will personally help you prepare your vacation plans no matter what you’re looking to do. For pricing, please Contact Us to inquire within.