As mentioned in our Home page, whether you’re a part or full-time Kona resident, or just renting a home while on the west side of our Big Island, we here at Your Friend In Hawaii are here to help maintain your living space so you can feel secure and comfortable in the knowledge that you are leaving your house in good hands. Our expert home keeping duties are as follows:


  • Weekly and monthly walk-throughs including inspecting and servicing all water sources in the home to ensure everything is performing properly.
  •  Home security where door and window locks are checked.
  •  Notify owners of any problems and offer solutions for needed emergency repairs.
  •  Inventory and inspection of home furnishings, appliances, and tableware.

 Home Inspection And Maintenance Contract (PDF)

All of your house cleanings are scheduled with licensed, bonded, insured, and reliable cleaners of your choice. Your Friend In Hawaii can pay your people directly, and then provides an invoice for reimbursement. You may then pay with check or online with credit card or PayPal depending on your preferences. Inspections are administered either once a week or once a month: again, depending on your needs. At Your Friend In Hawaii, we believe in being flexible, thus allowing us to provide you the specific services you require. As an additional service, we can stock your home’s inventory with any supplies that may be needed.

purestock_1574r-07442.mediumIf you choose our monthly walk-through, we’ll make sure all entrances and windows are locked and secure, and check all water sources for leaks. This includes sinks, toilets, showers, water heaters, or outside water sources. We run your dishwasher and washing machine to verify operation, and to eliminate the odor of standing water, and also inspect and advise you or your pest control company of any unwanted pests in your home. And for a slight additional fee, even handle some minor landscaping while we’re there.

To add to your sense of security, Your Friend In Hawaii meets with all contractors or cleaning agencies at the door of your residence, thereby eliminating the need to provide keys to more than one agency.

As we get estimates from these third-party companies, we will share all the information with you and keep you in the loop from start to finish. Your Friend In Hawaii’s team consists of not only Jeudi, but also a retired contractor with forty years of experience in all fields of construction and remodeling: if he can’t fix it, he knows good people who can. Also included is a team member with extensive knowledge of pest control and home inspections.

For pricing information on our home keeping services, simply contact us for more information.